Don’t forget to step over the welcome mat, which my wife insisted on purchasing to add the“finishing touches”.  Before she finished, I told her that one of my rules was DO Not Touch anything. You know females, in one ear out the other. Ok, where was I? Right… What exactly is a man cave? 

 You know how the ladies love to soak in their bath with the candles, the soft music, bath bombs, aromatherapy blah blah blah, and the water temp on HELL? Well the man cave is just like that but none of that "he loves me, he loves me not" mushy stuff….. 

 At the man cave, me and my bros let loose. The beer stays on chill. The toilet seat stays up. If I want to do the Al Bundy, there’s no Peg to annoy me. If it itches, scratch it. Sports is on 24/7. Pink, Purples, or any chick colors are prohibited. Cursing is encouraged. Men are always right! Farting and belching is our way of communicating if need be. Junk food only! I am the Fred Flinstone of this cave; my rules. I am the remote controller of this cave. If there is a man cave that has an issue; we can arm wrestle to the death of it! & If you make it to the bottom of this page, make sure to subscribe. It's only right Bro!


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Man Cave Furniture

Seatcraft Apex Home Theater SeatingSeatcraft Apex Home Theater Seating

The Seatcraft Apex brings the highest level of craftsmanship and design available in the world to your home theater! 

Featuring independent power headrest, lumbar, and recline, you have three durable motorized adjustments at your fingertips, each mechanism giving you a comprehensive range of comfort options. With built in Soundshaker transducers, you're only an accessory and a Soundshaker Amplifier away from cutting edge, powerful experiences in the comfort of your own home.

The flawless, painstaking selection of quality materials and stitching goes into its backrest, chaise footrest, and side arms. The craftsmanship that goes into the arm accents, from the sapphire LED glow peering from behind the panes, can be turned on or off at your command. Enjoy having the best that a home theater chair can offer, at its peak. Available in 3 colors.

Check out the video below for more!

Available at 4Seating
Joe Di Maggio Big Glove ChairJoe Di Maggio Big Glove Chair

Joe is a big comfortable chair in the form of a giant baseball glove, mounted on invisible wheels.

With this project the designers, inspired by the poetics of Pop Art, gave material form to their admiration for the legendary American baseball star Joe Di Maggio.

With a courageous shift of scale, they transformed the glove into a welcoming place to sit, inserting a hyperrealist figure borrowed from the world of art into the domestic environment.

Available at Panomo

Joe Di Maggio Big Glove Chair

Super Mario Boo Bean BagSuper Mario Boo Bean Bag

This bean bag chair looks like one of Super Marios most recognizable enemies, but instead of costing you a life it's here to help you catch up on some snuggly gaming sessions in the comfort of your own man cave. 

Made from 100% polyester outer and filled with cotton and polyester fiber mix and polystyrene balls.

Measures 38" wide x 28" tall x 38" deep. 

This Officially-licensed Nintendo bean bag is available exclusively at ThinkGeek.


Super Mario Boo Bean Bag


Sexy Lady Neon Signs

Entertain your eyes & enlighten your man cave guests with these sexy lady neon signs. This will go perfectly in your man cave where no children are allowed! These signs are carved with the latest 3D, Surface and Line engraving technologies which make these signs attractive in all directions.

Available at Amazon

It’s 5:00 Somewhere Neon Sign

What better way to signal the end of the work week than a festive neon sign? Our impressive It’s 5:00 Somewhere Neon Sign features colorful tropical graphics — including a palm tree, a setting sun and a cocktail glass. Hang it proudly wherever you gather with friends.

Available at Amazon

Death Star Disco Ball

Party like there's no tomorrow! Because, for the Death Star, there won't be. 

This shiny, party focal point is 11.8" in diameter and covered in glass mirrors. By day, it's a reminder of our favorite space saga. By night, it surrounds you with the moving stars of hyperspace. It's also the perfect centerpiece to your annual recreation of the Battle of Yavin. Stay on target!

Available at ThinkGeek

For Your Bar

Cocktail Shaker Maraca

The most musical way to mix martinis and other drinks. This Cocktail Shaker Maraca comes complete with a strainer inside to keep ice separate. Simply fill with your favorite concoction, add crushed ice, then shake and unscrew the handle spout to dispense your drink.

Available at WorldMarket

Can-In-Stein Beer Holder

Add a little class to your beer drinking with these Can-In-Stein Drink Holders. Made from high quality plastic, these beer holders will keep your beer colder for a longer period. This item is made to look like you're drinking from a pewter tankard. Perfectly holds any 12oz can.

Available at Amazon

M16 Gun Decanter Set

Point, shoot & reload! Sometimes it's good to have a gun laying around your house especially when it's a m16 loaded with your favorite liquor. Comes with four handcrafted 15 oz Whiskey Glasses and Eight lead free bullets. This makes an elegant decorative item to display in your man cave or bar. Start your drinking with a bang!

Available at Amazon

For Your Wall

The Punisher Tin Sign

This Marvel Punisher Tin Sign will turn your man-cave into the layer of a true Justice and Vengeance. This vintage style sign is made in the USA and of Lithographed Tin. And remember not all heroes are Superheroes!

Available at RetroPlanet

Vintage Iron Man Embossed Tin Sign

If you're looking to decorate your home or business with something that really pops, look no further! This vintage style Iron Man sign is made of embossed, die-cut tin with raised details that really stand out. You'll love its retro look and bright colors. A great fit for any nerd room or game room!

Available at RetroPlanet

Classic Mighty Thor Metal sign

A mighty blast from the past! Add some Thor decor to your room with this metal sign featuring the God of Thunder and his mystical hammer. The classic Thor logo and comic art really jump off the distressed background. Whether you're a hardcore collector or a casual comic fan, this vintage-style sign will hit you like thunder! 

Available at RetroPlanet

For Your Kitchen

Batman Symbol Ceramic Serving Platter

Have a "Dark Knight" everynight in your man cave with this Batman Symbol Ceramic Serving Platter. Bad Pun? This makes a great tray for meat, vegetables, cheese, fruit, desserts, snacks, dips, appetizers and more! Make sure to level up your kitchen supplies with some superhero flair.

Available at Amazon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook

If you love pizza as much as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles then you will love this book! Now you can take your pizza recipes from the turtles themselves with this TMNT pizza cookbook. The cookbook features sixty-five Ninja Turtle recipes from old-school classic such the New York Style Pepperoni to newfangled feasts such as the Lean, Mean, and Green and Shredder's Revenge.

Available at Amazon

Spiderman & Venom Salt and Pepper Shakers

If you're a fan of superheroes with a cute "chibi" twist, this set of Marvel POP Salt and Pepper Shakers are sure to spice up your day! Made by Funko in the style of its famous POP Vinyl figures, this highly collectible tableware set is designed to look like the famous duo with a cute button-eyed retro spin. Glazed in bright primary colors, these shakers are ready to banish the forces of blandness!

Available at RetroPlanet

For Your Bathroom

Serenity Shower Light and Music System

The Serenity Shower Light and Music System is a full multi-sensory home spa experience in one self-contained module. This shower generates a soothing spectrum of gradually changing colors along with a alternative healing method (Chromatherapy) which uses color and light to balance energy wherever the body is lacking. The underlying principle is that certain colors, or the absence of colors, can affect your body and mood. 

Built-in, high-performance audio system can play your favorite music via the Bluetooth enabled ThermaTouch 7" LCD touchscreen controller.

Available at Amazon

For more info you can check out the manufacturers website here.

Things To Do While You Poo Toilet Paper

Grab a pen, take your seat and get your brain ticking with puzzling brain teasers on every sheet of this toilet paper.

Choose from 1 of 10 brainteasers to try whilst you use the toilet, which include mazes and spot the difference!

Improve your brain power and ensure that bathroom time is never dull again!

Get this for anyone you know who takes forever on the toilet and would love something more to do than read the newspaper!

Available at PrezzyBox

Things To Do While You Poo Toilet Paper

Batman Cape Towel

Gain the powers of the Dark Knight when you spring back and forth from the shower with this Batman Cape Towel.

The recipient can get super dry, super fast with the soft good quality fabric towel, before using the handy attachments to turn it into a cape! 

Made from 100% cotton.

Available at Prezzybox


Batman Cape Towel


Man Cave Entertainment

Picade Cabinet Kit

Picade is a Raspberry Pi-powered mini arcade that you build yourself, with authentic arcade controls, a high resolution 4:3 display that's ideal for retro gaming, and a punchy speaker to hear those 8-bit game soundtracks at their best. 

Total build time is around one to two hours and the only tools you'll need are a phillips  and a small flat-head screwdriver. 

Available at adafruit

Retro Handheld Game Console

Go back to your childhood with this Retro Handheld Game Console. With 500 classic games built in, this multi-platform device can also play on your TV. Comes with classic games such as Double Dragon, Super Mario, Contra and more! This is a great little unit for a casual retro gaming fix. 

Available at TrendOwner

TV Trivia 80's Game

The 80s. A time of big hair, gnarly music and, like, totally rad TV Shows. Test your knowledge with these 80s TV trivia questions and answers!

The set comes with 100 questions about TV shows from that decade, and they even come in a cool little collectible 1980's style Television set.

Great for themed parties or just to find out the answers to questions like "What’s the goofy bartender’s name from Cheers?"

Available at PrezzyBox

Gadgets and Tech

Quick Vent Safe

This hidden safe looks just like a HVAC vent so it blends in on any wall, effectively hiding your valuables in plain sight. 

With the RFID locking system your valuables are secure, yet can be accessed in seconds.

Perfect for keeping weapons readily available for home defense-yet safely secured from children or thieves. Takes about 5 minutes to install.

Available at Amazon

Quick Vent Safe 

Wireless Intercom System

You know what they say when the bar runs dry right? Yeah me either! Use your Wireless Intercom System to let the misses know that the beer ran dry and you need more.

With its 1800 feet range this 10 channel secure wireless intercom system integrates the latest technology to be the most trusted intercom system for man cave.

Available at Amazon

Wireless Intercom System

Express 10 Minute Clothing Care System

Who has time to iron and wash clothes while the game is on?

You've scored a touchdown by bringing this express cleaning system into your home.  It's convenient, compact, and best of all it refreshes and restores your clothing in less than 15 minutes. Say good-bye to the local cleaners and hello to practicality.

Designed to fit almost anywhere, like a bedroom or closet, installing the SWASH system is as simple as plugging it into a standard wall outlet and turning it on.

There is no water, plumbing, pipes, vents, special hook-ups, or professional installation assistance needed to install the system.

Check out the video below for more!

Available at Amazon 

Express 10 Minute Clothing Care System 

For Your Belly

Graffiti Chocolate Bar

Handmade in Mexico with clever graffiti packaging for the artful chocolate lover. 

The temptation to frame this Chocolate Graffiti bar for your wall melts away once you take a bite! Made from single-origin cocoa from Columbia it has a smooth chocolaty taste with a sweet fruity fragrance of hint of nuttiness. Each bar is hand-painted with colored cocoa butter for a one-of-a-kind look.

Available at TheApolloBox

Award Winning Beer Popcorn

The difficulty will be to stop eating this stuff! Perfectly air-popped popcorn lovingly hand coated in smooth buttery caramel with 29% pale ale beer. Sweet and fruity with a bitter undertone, this award-winning popcorn pairs perfectly with your evening tipple. 

Available at iwantoneofthose

Hangry Emergency Snack Kit

These Hangry Emergency Snack Kits hold enough food packed into its awesome boxes to sustain the most hard core gamer! Throw this under your bed or near your gaming chair for those long nights in the man cave and satisfy your "hanger" or treat a friend with this delicious kit brimming with snacks from sweet to savory and everything in between. 

Available at Amazon

For Your Backyard

Nintendo Super Mario Fire Flower Garden Statue

Power up your yard with a Fire Flower Garden Statue! Be nice if it'd also keep the deer out, right? No such luck. Oh, and this will not allow you to throw fireballs, no matter how good a gardener you are. But it will bring some color to your yard or porch or patio or balcony. And that's really what flowers are supposed to do, right? 

Also makes a great centerpiece for wedding tables. And, you know, these never die. And don't require you to call an annoying florist. We're just sayin'.

Available at ThinkGeek

A Real Skateboard For The Snow

Turn your backyard into a skate park in the winter with the Slopedeck. 

Expertly handcrafted in Canada, the Slopedeck is made with a cambered waterproof cambered skate deck that offers the boardfeel of a traditional skateboard equipped with a Morphtech base that provides the sleek steady ride of a snowboard.

No need to head to expensive ski resorts to have some fun in the snow, with this you can turn your city park or local golf course into a free roaming shred fest.

Check out the video below for more!


Available at Amazon

A Real Skateboard For The Snow

Tiki Cascading Fountain

Anytime is tiki time with the Tiki Cascading Fountain with LED lights.

Great for your backyard, this outdoor tiki fountain adds a tropical touch with its island-inspired faces. Water cascades from three tiki-tastic tiers, complete with LED light. The tropical fountain has a 10-liter water capacity and includes a 5.2-meter cord.

Made from real wood look that is durable.

This exotic fountain will be sure to bring on the good times at your next backyard cookout.

Available at HomeDepot

Tiki Cascading Fountain

The Man Cave Fitness Corner

A Simple Way To Correct Bad Posture & Rounded Shoulders

The countless hours you put in gaming in your man cave or on your computer at work has probably left you with horrible posture and possibly back pain.

Get perfect confidence boosting posture with this simple Posture Correcting Brace. 

Use under or over your clothes to realign your spine and reduce the pain caused by poor alignment. If you experience a slight discomfort it means the back brace is working and it’s aligning your spine the way it should be!

This lightweight back support should be worn daily. The first couple of days wear it for 10-20 minutes only, then add 10 minutes every day. Your back and shoulders will slowly adjust and you will build muscle memory for the right posture. Adjustable and made for women and men.

Ships for free from California.

Estimated delivery in 7 days.

A Simple Way To Correct Bad Posture & Rounded Shoulders

The Quiet Punch

An easy way to put your desire to punch things to good use is the Quiet Punch.

The Quiet Punch is a portable light weight punching bag and as the name implies, doesn't make a lot of noise.

The Quiet Punch takes only 60 seconds to setup and because of its small size it will go perfectly in your man cave. 

Comes with a special phone clip designed to attach to the Quiet Punch unit so that you can use your phone to watch all of the workout videos included with the app easily. 

Check out the video below for more!

Available at Amazon

The Quiet Punch

Ride Your Bike Indoors

With this cool contraption you can transform your regular bicycle into a training bike for those days when you want to exercise at home. 

This is designed for busy people who cannot make it to the gym or take their two wheels out for a proper spin.

Simply attach the mahine to the back wheel and your good to go!

Available At Amazon

Ride Your Bike Indoors

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