17 Unique Mugs Men Are Sure To Love

Forget boring coffee mugs and wrap your hands around one of these unique and funny coffee mugs. Guaranteed to turn your morning cup of joe into a day-brightening experience!

#1. The Decision Mug

The Decision Mug

Bad choices make good stories and now you can make bad choices all day long with this Decision Roulette Coffee Mug.This white ceramic mug features a fun roulette wheel with a useful selection of office activities to choose from, whenever you might be flagging.


#2. The Mug With A Cape

The Mug With A Cape

Show your dad that you think he's a superhero by giving him this Super Dad Coffee Mug. The bright red mug is printed with ‘Super Dad’ and has a bright yellow removable silicone cape that flaps gently with each mouthful. No one will be left in any doubt who is the Super Hero of the family with this special mug.


#3. The Mean Mugga Mug

The Mean Mugga Mug

For the coffee thief who takes the last bit of coffee and doesnt make more this Mean Mugga Mug is for you. This mean looking coffee mug is made of white porcelain, and drawn with beady eyes and a rugged five o'clock shadow.Features a removable balaclava cover to keep your cuppa warm.Sold by us. Please allow 7-20 days for your item to arrive.


#4. The Grenade Mug

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#5. Size Matters Mug

Size Matters...When it comes to Coffee.

Go big or go home. This mug is perfect for the person who complains about small mugs or not enough coffee. Made of high quality ceramic and holds 32 ounces of your favorite beverage.


#6. 50 Shades Of Ninja Mug

50 Shades Of Ninja Mug

After a long day of sneaking around feudal Japan, carrying out a series of merciless assassinations, Ninjas love to kick back with a hot drink. Now you can assassinate caffeine cravings with this Ninja Mug. Comes with a mask, a deadly spoon and shuriken coaster. Has a little pocket that fits the spoon to make it look like a ninja sword.Sold by us. Please allow 7-20 days for your item to arrive.


#7. Super Mario Coin Box Mug

Super Mario Coin Box Mug

This Officially-licensed Super Mario 16 oz Coin Box Mug holds enough liquid to make you super.The cube shaped, ceramic mug features embossed question marks that will brighten up your daily cuppa.Makes an ideal gift for any Nintendo fan.


#8. The Man Mug

The Man Mug is a great gift for any real man who loves to DIY. It's oversized dimensions ensures there's plenty of room for a large dose of your favourite caffeine fix. This white ceramic mug is emblazoned with the following slogan: "Man Mug It's Not For Girls" and has an eye-catching red interior.The mug handle has the same shape and feel of a saw handle and has a slot where a pencil can be kept. There's even a ruler etched on the side of the mug along with a built-in spirit level, which is the perfect way to prove any doubters that you can multi-task! Just in case a girl has an eye on your mug, simply lift up your brew and show the base of the mug which features a no women symbol.



#9. The Fender Amp Mug

Start your morning off with coffee and a bit of timeless fender style. This oversized ceramic mug is in the shape and design of a classic Fender amp, allowing you to enjoy your morning coffee in style. The Fender Amp Mug is an officially licensed Fender product.


#10. Robocop Coffee Mug

80's RoboCop Coffee Mug

Your morning energy slumps have a new enemy! This crime fighting mug holds enough tea or coffee for your caffeine hit to last all morning. This Robocop coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.Sold by us. Please allow 7-20 days for your item to arrive.


#11. Friday The 13th Mug

Have Jason from Friday The 13th protect your morning joe in this cool mug. This officially licensed mug will have you showing off your love for all things horror. Made of ceramic and holds 20 ounces of your favorite drink.


#12. Extra Shot Coffee Mug

Add a little zip to your brew with the handy mini-hip flask which comes attached to this unique coffee mug.  Perfect for when you want to fill the flask with creamer when the boss is in town, but when they leave break out the good stuff and really enjoy that java! The mug holds 9 Fluid Ounces and the flask holds 1 Fluid Ounce.


#13. Donut Warming Mug

Donut Warming Mug

What man doesn't love a warm donut with his coffee in the morning?Have the best morning ever with this donut warming mug.Simply place the donut on the top and the built in plate retains heat, acts as a warming tray and keeps your pastry fresh!


#14. A Mug With A Hoop

A Mug With A Hoop

Shoot marshmallows thru the hoop and into that hot chocolate this winter with this Mug With A Hoop. You can also slam dunk cereal into milk or launch oyster cracker three pointers into soup.Can be used as a mug or bowl. Ceramic and dishwasher safe and holds 16 ounces of liquid.


#15. Area 51 Alien Coffee Mug

Area 51 Alien Coffee Mug

The road to Area 51 starts with a hot cup of coffee and ends with you getting arrested for trespassing.  This is the perfect mug for UFO enthusiasts. It's made of high quality ceramic materials. Holds 380ml of liquid. Sold by us. Please allow 7-20 days for your item to arrive.


#16. Space Invaders Magic Mug

Space Invaders Magic Mug

Get a shot of nostalgia every morning when you drink your coffee with this heat changing Space Invaders Mug.Featuring a classic level screen from the iconic alien shooter arcade game, just add a hot drink to see the image load up displaying a new wave of alien enemies. This Space Invaders Heat Change Mug is an officially licensed product and makes an awesome gift for Retro lovers.


#17. Pac-Man Arcade Shaped Coffee Mug

Pac-Man Arcade Shaped Coffee Mug

Get the ultimate power-up boost by taking your refreshment to the next level with this iconic PAC-MAN Shaped Mug! An over-sized drinking mug inspired by one of the greatest arcade games ever made.


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