Awesome Knives For Men That Love To Cook

Throw away that dull lifeless kitchen knife and replace it with one of these to instantly transform your way of cooking. 

#1. Chef's Vision Knives

The Most Beautiful Knives You Will Ever See

This full set of Chef’s Vision knives covers all your cutting, chopping, slicing and paring needs - awesomely! The beautiful pictures on each Chef’s Vision knife blade serve as more than stunning decoration — they also create a remarkably slick, non-stick surface! So even if you’re slicing sticky vegetables, the slices glide right off the blade.


#2. Premium Japanese Steel Chef's Knife

Premium Japanese Steel Chef's Knife

9 inches of premium quality Japanese Damascus steel which is a perfect fit for the samurai chef in your family. Designed specifically for professional chefs, this blade is Perfect for Chopping Veggies, Trimming Beef, Skinning and Slicing Fish and so much More! This blade is made to ensure maximum sharpness & safety while providing effortless slicing.


#3. The Almost All Wood Chef's Knife

The Almost All Wood Chef's Knife

About 97% wood and 3% alloyed carbon steel to be exact. This unique luxury Wood Chef's Knife is handcrafted in Germany and made from Robinia and Walnut woods which have a very high percentage of tannin. Tannin is the stuff that kills bacteria and gives wood the ability of self-cleaning.


#4 Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Enjoy the best of Kyocera ceramic cutlery in a beautiful hygienic knife block set.This universal knife block set comes with four 4 essential Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series knives. These are sure to be some of the sharpest knives you will ever own and compared to other knives they will hold their edge longer.With its attractive compact design the knife block safely stores your favorite Kyocera knives.


#5.  Chef's Knife  Making Kit

Knife To Meet You

For the MacGyver type of guy who likes to build things with his own hands is this Chef Knife Making Kit. The kit comes stuffed with various rasps and files, a portable bench vise, and enough sandpaper to take the green off a watermelon. With the step-by-step instruction booklet, crafting this knife will be as effortless as cooking with it.


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