Unique Clocks For Your Man Cave

Timing is everything and without father time how in the world will you know what time the game starts? We did you a favor and put together this list of unique clocks for that man cave. 


#1. Moon Rocket Clock

Watch this rocket jet around the moon every 60 seconds with this Moon Rocket Wall Clock. It is made with love out of metal, plastic and paper.

Available Via TheApolloBox 

#2. Hidden Safe Clock

This may look like a classic wall clock but hidden behind is a secret compartment where you can hide your most prized possessions. Comes in a retro style medium brown color with big roman digits. Measures 9.8 Inches Round x 2.7 Inch Thick.
Sold by us. Please allow 7-20 days for your item to arrive.

#3. George Nelson Ball Clock

This trendy timepiece is just waiting to add some flavor and style to your man cave wall. This clock was designed by George Nelson who is widely considered one of the pioneers of modern clock designs. Made of durable metal and wood.

Available at Amazon 

#4. The Fourth Dimension Clock

Be ready to explore the 4th dimension with this concrete wall clock. Time divides and measures the progress of existence. A timepiece displays that time in three dimensions. With this 4th Dimension Timepiece, the dimensions are brought together with an original design. These timepieces clearly tell the time while quietly engaging the viewer in the concepts of a 4th dimension.

Available at Generate 

#5. DeStijl Wall Clock

This spectacular clock was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of De Stijl and to celebrate its lasting influence.  De Stijl is Dutch for "The Style", also known as Neoplasticism and was a Dutch artistic movement founded in 1917 in Leiden which consisted of artists and architects. This wall clock is made from wood and metal and measures 13.5h x 11.75w x 1.5"d.

Available at AHAlife

#6. Metallic Wall Clock

Need a wall clock to suit a minimalist interior? Well this minimalist style wall clock is crafted from solid polished brass/stainless steel and designed by Norm Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark. The clock is available in 2 material combinations – A mirror-polished steel version and a brushed-brass version. The smooth finish makes the clock unobtrusive, and it was designed to be an enduring and timeless addition to a home.

Available at AHAlife

#7. I'm Late Anyway Clock

In the man cave you don't take time so seriously and neither does this Whatever Clock. The numbers are falling off their usual positions and have given up on the exact time. This clock is sure to inspire smiles and notable comments. It is also a working clock.

Available at Amazon 

#8. A Clock With Only Words

This award winning luxury Table Top Clock is what you would want to bring home to make the dullest desk come alive. This unique precision table or desk top clock doesn’t just show you what time it is – it spells it out for you in one of 19 different languages. Made from a single aluminum block with brilliant LED illuminated letters. 

Available at TheApolloBox 

#9. The Good Luck And Wealth Clock

Looking for something truly unique? Well just look at this beauty. This Asian inspired clock features nine goldfish swimming around a central clock. The number of goldfish (nine) signifies flourishing fortune, while the goldfish represents good luck and wealth. Ships with pattern for easy installation. Easy stick on application.

Available at Generate 

#10. Fried Egg In A Pan Clock

You are a caveman. We know you always have an appetite and what better reminder than this sunnyside up egg clock. You can hang this on your wall or let it rest on your desk. Features a fork and a knife for the hands.

Available at Amazon 

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