Valentines Gift Ideas For Women

Alright Fellas, It’s that 78th time of the year that the women are dropping hints and cues for Valentine’s Day. If you are anything like me, I’m sure you were crowned King F Up with every lousy gift you researched to get her. Me and the bros would combine ideas and throw them in a hat and then we would randomly select the paper of the new chosen gift.

How was I supposed to know that my wife wouldn’t appreciate the facial hair remover deluxe that I chose out of the infamous hat? Turns out Shawn suggested that as a top gift being that his wife has that five o'clock shadow problem! That gift definitely set my mind racing as I was kicked out and sent to the couch.

Why not make a just make a Caveman List of the most sought out gifts for Valentine’s Day? Besides, the infamous hat has saved a few relationships in our circle. Unfortunately it has granted me a vacation out the bedroom and on the infamous couch.


#1. Natural Lavender Candle

If there is one thing that I know, it is that women love candles. These candles are used for different purposes in our house. Bubble bath sessions with the wife are our fave. Sometimes we burn the candles while we're eating just to capture the romance. Speaking of romance, light these candles on the dresser for one of those sleepless nights if you know what I mean!

This Natural Lavender Candle has a one of a kind amethyst cluster and a polished chevron amethyst that is embedded in the wax to promote balance and the stimulation of new ideas and efforts.

Available at Macy's 


#2. Samsonite Hardside Spinner Luggage

Book a room at an elaborate hotel of her standards. Print out the reservations and place them in this suitcase with the lingerie some nice looking lingerie. Women love surprises so this will knock her socks off amongst other things!

This Samsonite scratch-resistant suitcase is designed to withstand whatever dents or dings traveling dishes out. Comes with 4 spinner wheels for flawless mobility and expands up to an extra 2 inches for more packing room.

Available at Kohl's 


#3. Heavenly Pink Sheepskin Rug

This luxurious and extremely cosy sheepskin rug will add extra comfort and style to your lady's home!

Crafted from pure sheepskin, the deep pile rug will provide an exceptional level of comfort and is ideal for lying across a chair, bed or the floor for a truly cosy and eye catching feature. Coming in a heavenly pink color this beautiful rug is crafted from 100% sheepskin.

Available at iwantoneofthose 

#4. Best Selling Foot Massager

This is not the typical bada boom tap tap foot massager. This massager actually feels like you are being massaged by a professional. When I need some of my own me-time I use this and it works wonders for my Flintstone feet. 

Since everyone has their own likes, dislikes, and preferences, this foot massager comes with an abundance of options to deliver a custom tailored massage. It relieves tension, knots, aches, and foot pain. This elegant machine is one of the top rated and best selling foot massagers on Amazon.

Available at Amazon 


#5. Luxury Towel Set

A house can never have too many towels or thread counts! Fellas thank me later for this quick lesson on towels. Go for the highest thread count which actually means maximum absorption which in English means, she’ll love it! 600-900 GSM is ideal. 

This Madison Park luxury towel set comes with 6 pieces and offers true luxury and comfort for your bathroom. This cotton towel set has a 600 GSM weight with zero twist cotton yarn for a naturally soft and durable feel that's stronger than conventional twisted yarn.

Available at Macy's 

#6. Top Rated Perfume

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve landed a night off of the couch with this gift.  All you have to do is give her the perfume, look her in the eyes and repeat after me, “I’ve smelled over 60 scents and this right here is the one. It reminds me of you.” Now fellas pay attention to this part. In between each word blink slowly and shake your head like you’re stopping yourself from crying. They love that emotional act. She’s going to ask you how does it remind you of her. “Sweet, seductive, and intense. Now take off your clothes but you can keep the perfume on.” That gets her every time! 

Check out some of these top rated perfumes available at Macy's where you can find something as low as $30!

#7. Women's Wallet


I know what you're thinking, “C’mon caveman, a wallet really?” Yep! It’s all about the presentation. Throw some money in that bad boy and you’re off to the races. I wouldn’t be the Cave Man if I didn’t suggest throwing in a picture of
the two of you. Women love sentiments and make sure it’s a pic that she looks good in!

To make it easy check out these top customer rated wallets at Macy's which won't break the bank.


#8. Zero Gravity Massage Chair


I don’t know about you but after a long day of work, I.... I mean the misses loves to be massaged. Why not get her this Zero Gravity Massage Chair? 

All she has to do is sit down and this massage chair will do the rest. She’ll be so relaxed that she won’t notice you getting back to the game down in the man cave. This massage chair puts you in a stress-free, zero-gravity position, instantly relieving pressure on your spine and leaving your muscles in a perfect state of full relaxation.

Available at TheSharperImage 

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