Food And Drinks For Your Man Cave

In the man cave the man decides what is considered real food and what is not. Check out this page for some fun, tasty and unique food and drinks that are caveman approved. 
Japanese Snack BoxJapanese Snack Box
Monster CookieMonster Cookie
Rice Krispie Treats Of Your DreamsRice Krispie Treats Of Your Dreams
White Lightning ChocolateWhite Lightning Chocolate
Bacon & Booze CookiesBacon & Booze Cookies
Maple Bacon Jumbo Donut CakeMaple Bacon Jumbo Donut Cake
Mini Lobster Grilled CheeseMini Lobster Grilled Cheese
Two-Layer Carrot CakeTwo-Layer Carrot Cake
Ultimate Steaks & Meals AssortmentUltimate Steaks & Meals Assortment
Confetti CookiesConfetti Cookies
Añejo Tequila - The Caveman's GuideAñejo Tequila - The Caveman's Guide
Meringue Topped Ice Cream - The Caveman's GuideMeringue Topped Ice Cream - The Caveman's Guide
Killer Brownies - The Caveman's GuideKiller Brownies - The Caveman's Guide
Fiesta Ice Cream - The Caveman's GuideFiesta Ice Cream - The Caveman's Guide
Rainbow Cake - The Caveman's GuideRainbow Cake - The Caveman's Guide
Pepsi Orange Japan - The Caveman's GuidePepsi Orange Japan - The Caveman's Guide