8 Ways To Hide Valuables Around Your Man Cave

Stash your valuable items in plain sight with these 10 hidden safes for your man cave. 


#1. Hidden Quick Safe Shelf

Protect your man cave from zombies, aliens and other intruders by keeping your gun hidden, safely secured and available in seconds with this Hidden Quick Safe Shelf. With no numbers to memorize or buttons to push, you simply place the included RFID card, key fob, or token on the top of the shelf and like magic it instantly opens. Perfect for hiding money, guns, jewelry, medicine and more!

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#2. Speed Stick Deodorant Safe

Don't sweat it. Hide it. No thief will steal or think to check a stick of deodorant. Made from a genuine product container and includes a bit of real deodorant in Original or Power Fresh. This is perfect for stashing some extra cash in your bathroom or at the gym. 

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#3. The English Dictionary Safe

Who uses hardcover dictionaries nowadays? This compact lock box is disguised to appear like a normal hardback English dictionary, but opening the front cover reveals a lockable steel compartment. With its exterior cover made of real paper this Hidden Dictionary Lock Box easily blends in with other books and will be a safe and discreet place to store some valuables. 
Available at HomeDepot 

#4. Secret Wall Clock Safe

This may look like a classic wall clock but hidden behind is a secret compartment where you can hide your most prized possessions. Designed in a retro style with medium brown color and big roman digits. This wall clock is made to order and usually arrives between 12 - 20 days. Sold by us for $29.99

#5. Stained Underwear Safe

No thief would dare check these stained underwear for your valuables. This innovative diversion safe will secure your cash, memory cards, documents, and other small valuables from inquisitive eyes and thieving hands, both at home and when you're traveling. Each Brief Safe is handmade from brand new cotton underwear. 

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#6. Under A Rock Safe

Never get locked out of your man cave again. With its realistic appearance, it looks like any other landscaping rock around your home. Hiding a spare key under a floor mat is the first place a thief will look. This rock has a hollow interior which makes this an ideal place to stash that extra man cave key. Made from strong, weather-resistant and long-lasting fiberglass.

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#7. Shaving Cream Can Safe

Jurassic Park's famous shaving cream can is available and will hide valuables such as money, jewelry or passports. Made from genuine Barbasol product containers. Simply unscrew the bottom just like in the movie and you're good to go! Dinosaur embryos not included.

Available at Bonanza

#8. The Air Vent Safe

It looks just like a HVAC vent so it blends in on any wall, effectively hiding your valuables in plain sight. With the RFID locking system your valuables are secure, yet can be accessed in seconds. Perfect for keeping weapons readily available for home defense-yet safely secured from children or thieves. Takes about 5 minutes to install.

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