12 Lights To Improve Your Gaming Setup

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12 Lights That Will

 Improve Your Gaming Setup

Add the finishing touches to your gaming setup with one of these 12 lights. Whether you are a playstation, xbox or nintendo fan we have something for every gamer.

#1. Atari Neon Sign Light

Relive the Atari golden years everytime you turn this neon light on. Made by senior master benders supported with professional teams, this Atari sign is low temperature, high security ,highly energy efficient and durable. Comes with a chain and can be mounted on the wall/window, or placed on any flat surface.

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#2. The Legend of Zelda Master Sword lamp

You love beer. But not just any old beer - you love the diverse offerings of small, independent breweries. You're the type who simply must try a local craft brew in every city visit, or who dreams of one day starting your own basement brewery. This welcoming and attention-grabbing sign is an excellent addition to your living room, den, basement bar, or anywhere else in your home you wish to express your love of craft beer served cold.

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#3. PlayStation Mini Light

This PlayStation Mini Light is inspired by one of the most popular video game consoles ever created. This light features the iconic PlayStation logo and controller symbols, and plays original PlayStation startup sound effects for a great retro themed gaming setup. This instantly recognizable PlayStation design makes a great present for geeks and fans of the PlayStation franchise.

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#4. Nintendo NES Lamp

Brighten up your room and dream of your next adventure with Mario and friends, with this super-fun and stylish NES Console Lamp. This lamp has a lampshade that features a classic Super Mario NES game, and the base is a classic NES controller. You can use the controller to turn the lamp on and off, and the brightness can also be adjusted using the D-pad. The LED lamp is USB powered and the super-cool, retro design, makes it ideal for vintage gamers, lovers of Nintendo products, and Super Mario fans alike.

Available @ Zavii

#5. Xbox Jump In Logo Light

The Xbox Jump In Logo Light brings a slice of awesome into your life. In the shape and design of the iconic Xbox console’s logo, this light is an ideal gift for Xbox fans and gamers in general.This light, which is USB or battery powered, can either be freestanding or wall mounted meaning you can place it wherever you wish.

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#6. Pacman Color Changing Ghost Lamp

Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde – whether they were chasing after you or running away, they always added a bit of color to your gaming. Now you can have them add a little color to your gaming room with this Pacman Color Changing Ghost Lamp. With 16 different colors this officially licensed lamp is perfect gift for 80s Gaming fans.

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#7. COD Perk-A-Colas Light

These colorful bottles light up at the touch of a button and features 3 light modes. Solid keeps the lights on all the time, phase has them fade in and out, and sound-reactive means they respond to sound quicker than a grumpy next-door neighbor the second you move beyond whispering.

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#8. Super Mario World Luminart

Give a power up boost to your man cave gaming area with this delightful Super Mario World Luminart. This wall art is a light up canvas featuring box artwork from the hugely popular Super Nintendo game Super Mario World. With its retro cool design, the distinctive build and color of the Super Mario World Luminart has widespread appeal among modern gamers and fans of the original alike.

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#9. Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp

This fun lamp will make a cool addition to any Super Mario fan's room, workspace or gaming den. You can position the flexible head to shine bright white LED light where it is needed most. Manufactured using eco-friendly Break Down Plastic so you can buy with the confidence that when your Piranha Plant light comes to the end of its life, the plastic will breakdown thanks to a revolutionary organic ingredient and not just sit in landfill.

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#10. Tetris Constructible Stackable Light

Based on the super-addictive worldwide favorite game Tetris. Pieces can be stacked in any combination. Tetris stackable LED desk lamp turns on when the pieces are stacked together and off when disassembled. This is an excellent choice for a Caveman's game room!

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#11. Arcade Game Room Neon Sign

Add a bright pop of color to your man cave gaming area with this Arcade Game Room Sign and let the good times roll. This will look great when lit up and especially in a darkened or dimly-lit room which your gaming area should be. This bright and colorful neon sign measures 42CM x 32CM and is 100% made by hand.

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#12. Playstation Controller Icon Light

Relive some of your most cherished gaming memories with this light-up Playstation icon light, featuring the iconic controller design of the PlayStation 1. Featuring an iconic gaming symbol, this is the ultimate item for avid gamers and fans.

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