18 Awesome Lamps You Need To See To Believe

Lights, no cameras, and more action! I’ve got lights for every occasion. When the misses wants some quality time, I’ve got the dimmer. When the bro’s are partying hard, I got them covered too. Seeing is believing with these 18 Unique Lamps.

#1. Illuminated Lightsaber Lamp

Illuminated Lightsaber Lamp

If you find the lack of awesome lamps disturbing then check out this awesome Illuminated Lightsaber Lamp.With its hand-sculpted and hand-painted base which showcases 3 exquisitely-detailed lightsabers that glow blue, green and red at the flip of a switch and the Star Wars logo on a silvery plaque. 

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#2. Spiral LED Table Lamp

Spiral LED Table Lamp

Get your swerve on with this dimmable spiral led table lamp.This lamp has a 13-watt built in led fixture that will not only save on your electric bill but will never need any replacement. There’s virtually zero assembly required for this dimmable lamp. Simply remove the packaging, attach the wire to the UL Listed power adapter, plug into an outlet, tap the switch to turn on, hold the switch to adjust the brightness steplessly, tap the switch again to turn off.

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#3. The Unique Balance Lamp

The Unique Balance Lamp

Tired of traditional boring lamps? Then you need to check out the HENG Lamp!The HENG lamp has a switch structure of two balls inside the wooden frames with embedded magnets. By moving them, these magnets will attract one another, thereby triggering the switch. It's a new and interactive way to brighten up your room!

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#4. Hulk Smash Lamp

Hulk Smash Lamp

You wouldn't like him when he's angry, but you will like him when his green glow lights up your man cave.This unique HULK light is fully sculpted and hand-painted to capture the mean, green superhero in a classic moment of action. This limited edition piece measures a grand 17 inches high!

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#5. Hanging Man Lamp

Hanging Man Lamp

When lit, this Hanging Man Lamp will bring an elegant dimension into your dining room. Perfect on its own for a small bedroom or den, and would pair well with a second or third to fill out a larger space.

 Available @ It's Okay To Be Weird

#6. Green Lantern Seeking Out Evil Lamp

Green Lantern Seeking Out Evil Lamp

Join the fight to protect sector 2814 with your very own Green Lantern Lamp. This officially licensed Green Lantern power battery and ring will make a stunning addition to any desk, so recite the oath and get yours today.

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#7. Levitating UFO Speaker Lamp

Levitating UFO Speaker Lamp

Give this UFO Speaker lamp to anyone that says they don't believe in aliens and they will believe. This super gravity UFO speaker floats over 2 inches from the base and will spin indefinitely once started. It can be used as a speaker or a desk lamp.

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#8. NES Controller Lamp

NES Controller Lamp

Brighten up your room and dream of your next adventure with Mario and friends, with this super-fun and stylish NES Console Lamp. This lamp has a lampshade that features a classic Super Mario NES game, and the base is a classic NES controller. You can use the controller to turn the lamp on and off, and the brightness can also be adjusted using the D-pad.

 Available @ Merchoid

#9. Basketball Ceiling Lamp

LED Basketball Ceiling Lamp

Take your love of basketball to the next level by hanging one of these in your man cave. This elegant and eye-catching LED Basketball Lamp is made with iron, acrylic, a basketball net rope and a metal chassis. This is the perfect lamp to display during your NBA viewing parties!

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#10. Lampster


Find both purpose and elevated design with the Lampster. This unique desk lamp features a headlight made from thick steel and industrial grade glass reclaimed from the headlights of old vehicles. The powerful lamp is set atop a recycled high-density polyethylene body hand painted with exquisite detail. Inside, a matrix of 120 OSRAM LEDs provide adjustable light up to an incredible 1000+ lumens!

 Available @ Touch Of Modern

#11. Pac- Man Lamp

Pac- Man Lamp

Perfect for the family. Place the golden horn on your head and become a unicorn, whilst your kids use you as a target for a fun game of unicorn hoopla. This fun and magical unicorn themed ring toss game includes a shiny golden horn headband which can be used to transform one anyone into a beautiful unicorn.

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#12. Batman Batwing Posable Desk Lamp

Batman Batwing Posable Desk Light

Get your hands on the Batman Batwing Posable Desk Light and live out all your Dark Knight fantasies. This light is ideal for lovers of all things Batman and is shaped like the Batwing – Batman’s famous flyer.This officially licensed product is adjustable for easy use and includes a USB cable to power the Batwing itself.

 Available @ MenKind

#13. IT Pennywise Balloon Lamp

IT Pennywise Balloon Lamp

Give your loved ones a scare and add a terrifying twist to your home with this Pennywise Balloon Lamp. But be careful, he might just come for you as well!This lamp works nicely in your bedroom, living room or study and is in the design of one of Pennywise the Clown's red balloons from the popular horror movie It. The balloon's string makes the stand for the lamp.

 Available @ Zavii

#14. 3D Rocket Lamp

3D Rocket Lamp

Blast off and fantasize of going to the moon and beyond with this 3D Rocket Lamp. This fantastic and innovative rocket lamp will make a great gift for any amateur astronomers or will look amazing in any space themed room.

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15. Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp

Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp

This fun lamp will make a cool addition to any Super Mario fan's room, workspace or gaming den. You can position the flexible head to shine bright white LED light where it is needed most.

 Available @ I Want One Of Those

16. Legend of Zelda Master Sword lamp

The Legend of Zelda Master Sword lamp

Light up your room with one of the most powerful legendary swords from the The Legend of Zelda series. This Zelda Master Sword won't help you strike down your foes, but it will make a great addition to your gaming area decor. Press the Triforce logo and your room will be filled with its wondrous light.

 Available @ Zavii

17. Bluetooth Speaker Ring Lamp

Bluetooth Speaker Ring Lamp

This energy-saving Bluetooth Speaker Ring Lamp is a modern beauty. Features two light modes, cold light and warm light. One mobile phone can control two audio lights at the same time, and can simultaneously play the stereo music of the mobile phone or tablet. In addition, the timing function can also set the music playing time and lighting duration.

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18. Monkey Hanging Wall Lamp

Monkey Hanging Wall Lamp

Let this monkey hang on your walls to transform your mancave. Crafted from resin this charming monkey is holding a 4.5m white cable and comes with an LED light bulb included. This lamp is a thought provoking designer wall light from Italian homeware brand Seletti and a great gift for anyone that appreciates bold and unique design.

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