18 Awesome Lamps You Need To See To Believe

18 Awesome Lamps 

You Need To See To Believe 

Lights, no cameras, and more action! I’ve got lights for every occasion. When the misses wants some quality time, I’ve got the dimmer. When the bro’s are partying hard, I got them covered too. Seeing is believing with these 18 Unique Lamps.

#1. Illuminated Lightsaber Lamp

If you find the lack of awesome lamps disturbing then check out this awesome Illuminated Lightsaber Lamp.With its hand-sculpted and hand-painted base which showcases 3 exquisitely-detailed lightsabers that glow blue, green and red at the flip of a switch and the Star Wars logo on a silvery plaque. 

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#2. Legend of Zelda Master Sword lamp

Light up your room with one of the most powerful legendary swords from the The Legend of Zelda series. This Zelda Master Sword won't help you strike down your foes, but it will make a great addition to your gaming area decor. Press the Triforce logo and your room will be filled with its wondrous light.

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#3. Levitating UFO Speaker Lamp

Give this UFO Speaker lamp to anyone that says they don't believe in aliens and they will believe. This super gravity UFO speaker floats over 2 inches from the base and will spin indefinitely once started. It can be used as a speaker or a desk lamp.

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#4. Lampster

Find both purpose and elevated design with the Lampster. This unique desk lamp features a headlight made from thick steel and industrial grade glass reclaimed from the headlights of old vehicles. The powerful lamp is set atop a recycled high-density polyethylene body hand painted with exquisite detail. Inside, a matrix of 120 OSRAM LEDs provide adjustable light up to an incredible 1000+ lumens!

Available @ Touch Of Modern

#5. Pennywise Balloon Light

Give your loved ones a scare and add a terrifying twist to your home with this Pennywise Balloon Lamp. But be careful, he might just come for you as well. This lamp works nicely in your bedroom, living room or study and is in the design of one of Pennywise the Clown's red balloons from the popular horror movie IT. The balloon's string makes the stand for the lamp.

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#6. Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp

This fun lamp will make a cool addition to any Super Mario fan's room, workspace or gaming den. You can position the flexible head to shine bright white LED light where it is needed most.

Available @ IWOOT

#6. Basketball Ceiling Lamp

Take your love of basketball to the next level by hanging one of these in your man cave. This elegant and eye-catching LED Basketball Lamp is made with iron, acrylic, a basketball net rope and a metal chassis. This is the perfect lamp to display during your NBA viewing parties!

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#7. Hanging Man Lamp

When lit, this Hanging Man Lamp will bring an elegant dimension into your dining room. Perfect on its own for a small bedroom or den, and would pair well with a second or third to fill out a larger space.

Available @ It's Okay To Be Weird

#8. Green Lantern Seeking Out Evil Lamp

Join the fight to protect sector 2814 with your very own Green Lantern Lamp. This officially licensed Green Lantern power battery and ring will make a stunning addition to any desk, so recite the oath and get yours today.

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#9. Millennium Falcon Posable Desk Lamp

Fighting against the dark side whether at home or in the office, this superbly designed Millennium Falcon Posable Desk Lamp is the ally you need to get the job done. A brilliant desk top lamp in the design of the Millennium Falcon, the iconic spaceship can be positioned and posed over your work area to shine light down exactly where you need it.

Available @ Truffle Shuffle

#10. Darth Vader Mood Light

If you are in a dark mood, this will either lift your spirits or at least enable you to see your way to the Dark Side. This lamp is in the shape of one of science fiction's most iconic super-villains and the nemesis of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader. With a soft mood light emanating from his evil eyes and mouth he makes the perfect night light for any Star Wars themed rooms.

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#11. Jack Sparrow Lamp with Kraken

Standing at the helm of the infamous Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow has his work cut out for him as a giant kraken breaks through the weathered deck. Meticulously hand-cast and hand-painted by master artisans to enhance every sculpted detail, this Pirates of the Caribbean table lamp invites you aboard for an epic adventure - day or night!

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#12. The Heng Balance Lamp

The Heng Balance Lamp is a minimalist, eye catching lamp with a twist. Where most lamps have a standard switch, this clever light source is controlled by two magnetic spheres. When you lift the lower ball, it's effortlessly attracted to the hanging one, remaining suspended in mid-air and switching on the light. Combined with it's simple, curved appearance, this innovative lamp elevates the atmosphere of any home or office.

Available @ Touch Of Modern

#13. Hulk Smash Lamp

You wouldn't like him when he's angry, but you will like him when his green glow lights up your man cave.This unique HULK light is fully sculpted and hand-painted to capture the mean, green superhero in a classic moment of action. This limited edition piece measures a grand 17 inches high!

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#14. 3D Rocket Lamp

Blast off and fantasize of going to the moon and beyond with this 3D Rocket Lamp. This fantastic and innovative rocket lamp will make a great gift for any amateur astronomers or will look amazing in any space themed room. 

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#15. The Theory Lamp

The TheoryLamp is the first in a series of LED lighting by TheoryHome. This smooth, circular lamp is fitted with LEDs to provide ample illumination in any setting, and serve as a seriously stylish modern design element to enhance the look of your space.

Available @ Touch Of Modern

#16. The Gear Lamp

Come over to the dark side, we have an awesome way to make it light! Brighten up any space with the help of Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers with these awesome lights. Must have for all Star Wars fans looking to improve their collection.

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#17. Machine Age Table Lamp

A darkly vintage feeling lamp that casts a warm glow, the Machine Age Table Lamp adds a timeless décor to any home or office. Place on your desk or side table and illuminate your space in style.

Available @ Touch Of Modern

#18. Yoda Bronze Colored Resin Lamp

this STAR WARS Yoda lamp brings his words of wisdom imparted to Luke Skywalker on Dagoba down to Earth for an out-of-this world tribute to this classic film. Exquisitely captured in a museum-quality bronze - colored resin sculpture befitting his heroic stature, the fully-sculpted Master Yoda base gleams with hand-applied finishes to enhance subtle details in his appearance and robe. 

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