19 Coffee Mugs That Will Give Your Morning A Boost

19 Coffee Mugs That Will Give Your Morning A Boost

Forget boring coffee mugs and wrap your hands around one of these 19 unique and funny coffee mugs. Guaranteed to turn your morning cup of joe into a day-brightening experience!

#1. NES Controller Mug

Level-up and enjoy a nice cup of tea before jumping into your next Super Mario adventure with this NES Controller Mug. This is a fantastic collectible piece of Super Mario merch and makes a great gift for fans of the much loved game series. 

 Available@ IWOOT

#2. Size Matters Mug

Size matters when it comes to coffee. This mug is perfect for the person who complains about small mugs or not enough coffee. This mug features a "Size Matters" text & ruler graphic so you know exactly how much coffee your wife is leaving you. 

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#3. 50 Shades Of Ninja Mug

Assassinate caffeine cravings with this Ninja Mug. After a long day of sneaking around feudal Japan, carrying out a series of merciless assassinations, Ninjas love to kick back with a hot drink. Comes with a mask, a deadly spoon and shuriken coaster. Has a little pocket that fits the spoon to make it look like a ninja sword.

Available @ It's Okay To Be Weird

#4. Pac-Man Arcade Coffee Mug

Get the ultimate power-up boost by taking your refreshment to the next level with this iconic PAC-MAN Shaped Mug! An over-sized drinking mug inspired by one of the greatest arcade games ever made. Makes the perfect gift for your favorite caveman!

Available @ IWOOT

#5. Robo Mug

Your morning energy slumps have a new enemy! This crime fighting mug holds enough tea or coffee for your caffeine hit to last all morning. 

Available @ It's Okay To Be Weird

#6. Gears of War Coffee Mug

This officially licensed Gears of War ceramic Coffee mug features the CLAYTON CARMINE Helmet inspired by the hit gaming series Gears of War. What Gears of War fan wouldn't want that? Have your Morning tea / Coffee with this mug and get amused by how awesome it looks. This coffee mug is a delight to own for any fan of this series. 

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#6. Tire Coffee Mug

This tire mug is the perfect gift for the mechanic or car enthusiast in your life. Made of ceramic, this tire coffee mug will hold 13 oz of your favorite caffeinated beverage. 

Sold by The Caveman

#7. Infinity Gauntlet Coffee Mug

This Infinity Gauntlet will not give you the power to control the universe but it will give you the power to start your day right by holding your favorite coffee. This ceramic mug features a high-shine gold finish with embedded infinity stones to the design. The perfect mug for those Marvel-loving coffee addicts. 

Available @ Truffle Shuffle

#8. Giant Ramen Noodle Cup

Sure the cup says instant noodles, but who's to say you can't drink your cup of coffee in it? Slurp your favorite coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed - in a perfect ceramic cup. 

Sold by The Caveman

#9. Pixel Gaming Gang Mug

Any avid gaming fan will appreciate the need for caffeine during those intense level smashing sessions. This mug features a whole gang of pixelated gaming icons, ready to help keep you refreshed and top of the leaderboards. 

Available @ Truffle Shuffle

#10. Double Layers Glass Mug

Warm your spirit with this coffee-themed cup. This cup is hand blown from high temperature borosilicate glass. Perfect for you to enjoy the flavors of teas or coffee without metal or plastic affecting the taste. 

Available @ It's Okay To Be Weird

#11. Kettlebell Mug

If eat, sleep, gym, repeat has become your mantra maybe you need to sit back and put your feet up once in a while and enjoy a much deserved cup of your favourite beverage from this unique mug. Shaped like a kettlebell, so you can still believe you are doing a mini lift each time you take a sip.

Available @ IWOOT

#12. Pac-Man Inky Ghost Mug

Inky, AKA Aosuke is the slower of the Pac-man ghosts. He likes to take things easy, only pursuing Pac-Man when the other ghosts are near. This fun Inky Ghost shaped mug is the ideal companion for your gaming adventures, he can sit perfectly still and just get on with supplying your caffeinated requirements. A really fab nostalgic find for any fan of 80s arcade gaming. 

Available @ Truffle Shuffle

#13. Pac-Man Inky Ghost Mug

Start your day off with a reminder to be positive and not be a prick with this cool cactus mug. This awesome mug holds 350 ml of your favorite coffee and is made from high quality ceramic.

Available @ It's Okay To Be Weird

#14. Pac-Man Inky Ghost Mug

All seems well when you're sipping your favourite bevvie from this Stranger Things mug…but beware what lurks beneath. Hidden within this creepy-cool coffee cup is the feared Demogorgan monster! A wicked tribute to the smash hit Netflix series. 

Available @ Truffle Shuffle

#15. Arcade Color Changing Mug

This mug is magic! Relieve hours of video game nostalgia with this Arcade Color Changing Mug. Simply fill up to 500ml of your favorite hot drink and watch as the mug magically reveals an old school retro favorite.

Available @ Amazon

#16. Alien Coffee Mug

The road to Area 51 starts with a hot cup of coffee and ends with you getting arrested for trespassing. This is the perfect mug for UFO enthusiasts who love to wonder about all the possibilities of alien life as they drink their morning coffee. 

Available @ It's Okay To Be Weird

#17. Extra Shot Coffee Mug

Add a little zip to your brew with the handy mini-hip flask which comes attached to this unique coffee mug. Perfect for when you want to fill the flask with creamer when the boss is in town, but when they leave break out the good stuff and really enjoy that java! 

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#18. Donut Warming Mug

What man doesn't love a warm donut with his coffee in the morning? Have the best morning ever with this donut warming mug. Simply place the donut on the top and the built in plate retains heat, acts as a warming tray and keeps your pastry fresh! 

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#19. Yoshi Egg Mug

Enjoy your next cuppa with Mario's iconic dinosaur companion Yoshi! This fun Yoshi Egg Shaped Mug features Yoshi's egg design on the outside, and the cheeky dinosaur himself on the inside.

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