20 Products to upgrade Your Star Wars Themed Man Cave

20 Products to upgrade Your 

Star Wars Themed Man Cave 

Which side are you on? Whether you choose the Dark Side or Light Side take your Star Wars themed man cave to the next level with these 20 products. My fellow Star Wars nerds need to look no further!

#1. Original Stormtrooper Decanter

This Star Wars Stormtrooper Decanter will let you toast to the Dark Side!Based on the original Stormtrooper helmets designed by Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton studios in 1976, the high quality decanter, will provide a great talking point while holding anything from wine, vodka or rum. This is a high quality and stylish product that will make your drink collection even cooler by adding a twist of star wars to it!

 Available @ Prezzy Box

#2. Illuminated Lightsaber Lamp

If you find the lack of awesome lamps disturbing then check out this awesome Illuminated Lightsaber Lamp.With its hand-sculpted and hand-painted base which showcases 3 exquisitely-detailed lightsabers that glow blue, green and red at the flip of a switch and the Star Wars logo on a silvery plaque. Also features a custom-crafted barrel lampshade which showcases dynamic portraits and action images of favorite characters and ships by famed Star Wars artist Steve Anderson.

Available @ Amazon

#3. Welcome To The Darkside Doormat

Not everyone wants to be a Jedi. Some feel life is more fun on the Dark Side. Let Darth Vader greet your guests with this Dark Side doormat. This doormat is made with coco fibre with vinyl backing and measures 24 x 16 inches.

Available @ Amazon

#4. Star Wars Imperial/Rebel Bookends

The Empire or the Rebellion? Now you don't have to choose with the newest offering from Gentle Giant LTD's bookends series. Just as the galaxy is divided in half, now your bookshelf can be as well with this pair of bookends featuring half of the Imperial and Rebel logos. The Imperial side will keep your unruly books upright and in line! While the Rebellion side gently supports the cause of your shelf.

Available @ Zavii

#5. Darth Vader's Cookie Jar

Fill the Death Star with your favorite cookies in this officially licensed Death Star Cookie Jar. With a cookie jar like this you’ll never have to worry about galactic invaders eating all the cookies.

 Available @ Amazon

#6. Kylo Ren Lightsaber Room Light

The final challenge in becoming a Sith is to build your own Lightsaber. Construct and display your own Kylo Ren Lightsaber and learn how electronics make a Lightsaber work. Features awesome lightsaber sound effects and remote control!

Available @ Amazon

#7. Star Wars Forces of Light and Dark Light Globe

Capture one of the most iconic lightsaber duels in the STAR WARS™ movie franchise with this STAR WARS Forces of Light & Dark Glitter Globe. Handcrafted, fully-sculpted Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker figures recreate their famous lightsaber battle, with the Rebel and Empire icons underfoot within this magical STAR WARS collectible glitter globe. 

Available @ Amazon

#8. Star Wars Arcade Game

Assume the role of Luke Skywalker and pilot the X-wing fighter with the Star Wars Arcade1Up At-Home arcade system. Dodge and destroy the TIE Fighters using the real feel 4 button/trigger style flight yoke to fire from the four leading edges of the X-Wing. Can you survive all three attack-phases and destroy the Death Star?

Available @ Touch Of Modern

#9. Millennium Falcon Posable Desk Lamp

Fighting against the dark side whether at home or in the office, this superbly designed Millennium Falcon Posable Desk Lamp is the ally you need to get the job done. A brilliant desk top lamp in the design of the Millennium Falcon, the iconic spaceship can be positioned and posed over your work area to shine light down exactly where you need it.

Available @ Truffle Shuffle

#10. Darth Vader Mood Light

If you are in a dark mood, this will either lift your spirits or at least enable you to see your way to the Dark Side. This lamp is in the shape of one of science fiction's most iconic super-villains and the nemesis of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader. With a soft mood light emanating from his evil eyes and mouth he makes the perfect night light for any Star Wars themed rooms.

Available @ Amazon

#11. Star Wars Boba Fett Lego Helmet

Pay homage to one of the most fearsome bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe and challenge your LEGO building skills to construct this awesome Boba Fett Helmet memorabilia model for display. This LEGO Boba Fett collectible has a base with a nameplate to display it at home, in the office or wherever else you like in the galaxy.

Available @ Amazon

#12. Inflatable First Order Stormtrooper

The Star Wars Inflatable First Order Stormtrooper is a must-have for any fan of the George Lucas franchise. Exclusive to Japan (where Star Wars is huge), this brilliantly detailed, near-life-sized doll recreates the look of the new style of stormtrooper seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Keep this First Order stormtrooper in your bedroom, office or by your front door so the world knows who is protecting you!

Available @ Japan Trend Shop

#13. Yoda Hand with Lightsaber Deco Light

In constant awe you will be with this Yoda Lightsaber featuring a glowing green blade to inspire young Jedi. This officially licensed Yoda Lightsaber Light will look awesome in your star wars themed man cave or home theater area.

Available @ Amazon

#14. Stormtrooper And Darth Vader 3D String Lights

Come over to the dark side, we have an awesome way to make it light! Brighten up any space with the help of Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers with these awesome lights. Must have for all Star Wars fans looking to improve their collection.

Available @ Truffle Shuffle

#15. Death Star Popcorn Maker

Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational popcorn popper battle station. In just minutes, it turns a ho hum movie night into an event of galactic proportions, whether you're rewatching Return of the Jedi with your band of rebels or cuddling on the couch for the latest romantic comedy. The top half of the Death Star conveniently doubles as a fun serving bowl.

Available @ Amazon

#16. Star Wars Death Star Neon Light Sign

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, somebody created the awesomeness that are neon lights! What better way to own a kickass neon light than have it be this official Star Wars Death Star Neon Light Sign? Add some well-needed geekiness to your humble abode with some true Star Wars dedication!

Available @ Geek Store

#17. Original Stormtrooper Shot Glasses

Perfect for an evening of fun with your fellow Star Wars fans, the set of four shot glasses are based on the original Stormtrooper moulds created by Andrew Ainsworth in 1976 in the Shepperton Design Studios. Based on these designs, the Original Stormtrooper range of giftware is as close to the film props you will get. Presented in a stylish gift box, they are a great gift idea for any Star Wars obsessive you may know and love. 

Available @ Amazon

#18. R2 D2 Coffee Filter Press Pot

Enjoy the greatest flavor and taste the best coffee you've ever tasted with this R2 D2 Coffee Filter Press Pot. This R2 D2 press pot features a classic brewing method which extracts all essential oils from coffee grounds to capture pure flavor and uses premium multi-stage filtration technology filters out all the coffee grounds, giving you amazing smooth coffee.

Available @ Amazon

#19. A New Hope Candle Set

Have you ever sat down during a Star Wars movie marathon and wanted a bit more than the visual magic, memorable characters, and immersive score? Have you thought that 3D just isn't enough? Have you thought that smelling Jabba's Palace might make your viewing experience more involving? Well now you can delight those Jedi olfactory senses with these incredible collectable candles! Featuring unique scents from each film (some pleasant, some er...not so pleasant), you can take your Star Wars fandom to a whole new level!

Available @ Merchoid

#20. Yoda Bronze Colored Resin Lamp

this STAR WARS Yoda lamp brings his words of wisdom imparted to Luke Skywalker on Dagoba down to Earth for an out-of-this world tribute to this classic film. Exquisitely captured in a museum-quality bronze - colored resin sculpture befitting his heroic stature, the fully-sculpted Master Yoda base gleams with hand-applied finishes to enhance subtle details in his appearance and robe. 

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