21 Things To Do While You're Stuck Inside

Whether you are tired of netflixing and chilling or the wife keeps nagging you to stop playing video games or you just wanna do something fun with the kids, we put together this list of things you can do if you are stuck inside.

#1. Have An Old Fashioned Thumb Wrestling match

Thumb Wrestling Set - The Caveman's Guide

There's very little that can't be solved with a good old fashioned thumb war. But it's not called a war for nothing - make sure your thumbs look the part by giving them an outfit and a ring to wrestle in. Thumb wrestling has 4 little thumb outfits and a thumb-permitting wrestling ring for digits to do battle in.

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#2. Learn To Cut Your Hair

Self Hair Cutting System - The Caveman's Guide

This specially designed patent-pending three-way mirror makes every inch of the head visible to achieve the perfect cut every time. Self-Cut System gives men the power to take control of their style, from fades, to caesars, to beard and mustache trimming. Simply use the Self-Cut System with its FREE educational mobile app that teaches you how to cut and fade your own hair as if it was done by a professional. Use high quality clippers and expect impressive results!

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#3. Take The Basketball Game Indoors

Basketball Double Shot Arcade - The Caveman's Guide

Play some competitive, skill-building basketball at any hour and in spite of any lockdown with this Basketball Double Shot Arcade System.Everything you need is included to get a game up and running in no time. Comes with a convenient fold-up design for safe, easy storage and 7 rubber basketballs for constant ation.

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#4. Try Skittle Pool

Skittle Pool - The Caveman's Guide

Enjoy classic billiards action (minus the cue sticks) with Skittle Pool! Sporting a high-quality wood and felt construction, this countertop leisure game features 24 inches of table space with three pockets on each side, as well as two pendulum strikers situated on opposing sides. Extremely addictive and easy to play, the 2” billiard balls allow for a variety of classic gameplay options. Rack ‘em up

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#5. Practice Your Golf Swing

Practice Your Golf Swing - The Caveman's Guide

Set this up in your home or back yard and start swinging! This Golf Training System includes an automatic golf ball dispenser plus a cage-style net to catch all your shots. It's a complete training system that works every aspect of your game. Includes chipping pocket, ball shagger, training guide and a practice mat with tee.

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#6. Play Giant jenga

This Is Jenga! The Giant Version - The Caveman's Guide

Grab the kids and head to your backyard for some fresh air and some fun with this giant jenga set. This Jenga giant hardwood game is the biggest authentic hardwood Jenga game ever sold. Starts at 2 feet high at setup and can stack to over 5 feet high in play!

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#7. Play The Stare Off Game

Stare Off Game - The Caveman's Guide

Go eye-to-eye in this tournament style knockout Stare Off Game. Will your eyelids let you down or will you stare on? Can you take (and give) all the trash talk going and still crush your opponent? Or will you be first to blink and lose everything? Well, let's find out when you play world series stare-off.

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#8. Beer Pong Hat

Beer Pong Hat - The Caveman's Guide

These awesome hats put a classic twist on everyone's favorite drinking game. Get rid of the table and grab your most competitive drinking buddy and see who can really toss like a boss with this Beer Pong Hat. 

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#9. Have The Travel Bug?

Monopoly World Edition - The Caveman's Guide

Feed your desire to travel by playing  the world's number one game which has gone global! You'll cross six continents before you pass GO with this Monopoly World Edition! Packaged in a stunning silver-foil box and includes a matching parts box to neatly store all of the game components, as well as the Certificate of Authenticity.

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#10. No One To Play Ping Pong With?

No one to play ping pong with? No problem. The iPong ball feeder offers professional quality training with a versatile wired remote so players can set their own pace – from a casual to blistering ball-feed for a world-class workout from his or her side of the table! Moreover, the remote can be used to adjust for infinite variations of underspin and topspin. There’s no more waiting for a practice partner!

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#11. Try America's Greatest Food

Eat America's Greatest Foods - The Caveman's Guide

Nothing will make you feel better than filling your belly with something good. From world famous banana pudding from New York to deep dish pizza from Chicago to lobster mac and cheese from Maine, you can try favorites from across the united states on Goldbelly. Goldbelly is here to help you discover americas best food and ships it right to your doorstep.

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#12. The Unicorn Ring Toss Game

Perfect for the family. Place the golden horn on your head and become a unicorn, whilst your kids use you as a target for a fun game of unicorn hoopla. This fun and magical unicorn themed ring toss game includes a shiny golden horn headband which can be used to transform one anyone into a beautiful unicorn.

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#13. Spin The Shot

Spin the Shot and Drink - The Caveman's Guide

Make the best of a bad situation with this Spin the Shot drinking game. A drinking game that couldn't be more simple. Just place the shot glass on top of the spinner, pour your favorite drink and spin away. If the arrow lands on you...bottoms up!

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#14. Inflatable Bowling Set

Inflatable Bowling Set - The Caveman's Guide

This Inflatable Bowling Set is the perfect backyard game for some fun in the sun without having to go too far.  With its oversized pins and ball everyone will be a pro because it's hard to miss. Fun and safe for the entire family! Comes with 6 pins and 1 ball.

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#15. 18,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

18,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - The Caveman's Guide

If you are bored at home and have nothing to do try putting here's a puzzle that will take some time to put together. Challenge yourself with this 18000 piece puzzle, featuring a beautiful sunset at a tropical beach surrounded by ancient Mayan temples, colorful flowers and butterflies. Fun for the whole family.

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#16. Play A Game Of Desktop Soccer

Desktop Soccer Game - The Caveman's Guide

Can't make it to your weekly soccer games? Get a quick game going with this desktop soccer game! Let your fingers do the fancy footwork as they step inside the two football strips provided and become the 'legs'. Two goals and two balls are provided so you can have penalty shoot-outs or full-on matches from your desk.

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#17. Sort Your Coins

Heavy Duty Electric Coin Sorter - The Caveman's Guide

Turn those gallons of loose coins and pocket change into "real money" with the Heavy Duty Electric Coin Sorter. This sturdy electric machine features a large hopper that holds up to 400 coins. A patented internal anti-jam device rotates to keep the sorting process moving at a superfast rate of up to 312 coins per minute! An easy-to-read digital display shows the number of coins counted and the dollar value. Sorts pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters into two rows of plastic tubes or wrappers.

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#18. Relieve Some Stress

Desktop Punching Bag - The Caveman's Guide

The gym is closed and that makes you angry. Lash out and relieve some stress with this Desktop Punching Bag. This punching bag comes with a heavy-duty spring and a large suction cup to ensure the inflatable bag can handle your angry punches all day long.

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#19. Visit The Stars

Smartphone Astronomical Telescope - The Caveman's Guide

Use your smartphone to explore the skies! The Smartphone Astronomical Telescope features state-of-the-art optics, plus a bonus smartphone mount and tripod to help you locate and observe the stars and planets quickly and easily.

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#20. Ride Your Bike Indoors

Indoor Bike Trainer - The Caveman's Guide

With this indoor Bike Trainer Stand, you can exercise, condition and refine your pedaling technique no matter what’s going on outside! The simple equipment attaches to your back tire to create friction via a magnetic flywheel mechanism. Unlike fluid trainers, which have progressive resistance, and rollers, which require you to balance, a mag stand makes cycling easy, as you adjust intensity to your exact specification.

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#21. Get In Shape

Home Gym Workout System - The Caveman's Guide

It's just a fact: the gym yields results. But right now  it's out of the way. With just 15 pounds of equipment (including all the accessories), you will be able to get all your gym exercises in at home, outside, or wherever you want with the BodyBoss 2.0.

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