22 Gifts Bacon Addicts Will Love

I know a few bacon addicts so it’s only right that I put together this list of 22 gag gifts for bacon lovers. Are we" bacon" you hungry with this list?

#1. Bacon Soda

Food Flavored Soda

You've probably never tasted anything quite like Lester's Bacon Soda. This unique gourmet beverage is crafted to taste exactly like delicious bacon! Thank us later!

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#2. When In Doubt Add Bacon Cutting Board

When In Doubt Add Bacon Cutting Board

Not sure what else to add to your meal? No worries "When In Doubt Add Bacon"! Brighten up your kitchen with one of these amazing glass Bacon Cutting Boards. Makes an awesome gift for the bacon lover.

 Available @ I Want One Of Those

#3. Bacon Cotton Candy

Bacon Cotton Candy

This Bacon Cotton Candy features that irresistible smoky flavor of bacon. Bacon flavoring pairs well with the sweetness of cotton candy to elevate your snacking experience. Our exclusive recipe, you won't find this anywhere else. Perfect for gifts or party favors, each tub holds 1.2 oz. of cotton candy.

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#4. Maple Bacon Coffee

Maple Bacon Coffee

Breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, so why mess it up with boring coffee? This Maple Bacon Coffee is will give you a very maple bacony experience. Perfect for yourself or it makes a great gift for any bacon lover.

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#5. Bacon Grill Rack

Bacon Grill Rack

Make grilling bacon a snap every morning with this Bacon Grilling Rack. This easy-to-handle rack holds 4 to 6 strips of bacon in a hanging position that allows the grease to drip away from the bacon and into a well, where it can emptied easily. This bacon grilling rack is sure to become a staple to your grilling accessories collection.

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#6. Fifty Shades of Bacon

Fifty Shades of Bacon

Fifty Shades of Bacon is an erotic cookbook that delves into the full bacon experience. Ok, it is not erotic at all, but it is a tongue in cheek delivery of some great bacon recipes. Everything from basic bacon bits to bacon ice cream to bacon au gratin and alfredo.

 Available @ Barnes & Noble

#7. Bacon & Eggs Socks

Bacon & Eggs Socks

Bacon & Eggs aren't for breakfast anymore, wear them all day long with these socks. Bacon & Eggs are the perfect marriage...wear the egg sock on your right foot and the bacon sock on your light.

 Available @ It's Okay To Be Weird

#8. Bacon Soap

Don't Be A Pig, Wash With Bacon Soap. - The Caveman's Guide

Create your own s'mores at home without the dangerous flames to worry about with this Flameless S'mores Maker. This Electric S'mores Maker uses a stainless steel electric heater to warm your marshmallows to toasty, gooey perfection. Just load the four tray compartments with graham crackers, chocolate squares, marshmallows and other goodies... and let the yumminess begin.

 Available @ I Want One Of Those

#9. Bacon Air Freshener

This unlikely Bacon Air Freshener is the perfect way to brighten any carnivore's day. Feed your bacon mania while getting rid of that pesky new car smell. Put one up in the family room and everyone will have a sudden craving for a BLT. Each air freshener has a handy string for hanging and measures about 4" tall.

 Available @ Amazon

#10. Bacon Gumballs

This unique device will let you turn almost any liquid into into caviar-shaped pearls letting you amaze your friends and family. The world's only automatic caviar & pearl making device is perfect or the chef and foodie in you. You are limited only by your imagination!

 Available @ Amazon

#11. Bacon Lip Balm

Every time you eat bacon, don't you wish you could taste that cured meat flavor all day long? Well, now you can! Just carry around a tube of this Bacon Lip Balm and you can keep your lips moist and meaty around the clock. Warning: Your lips will smell like bacon, but they are not bacon. Do not bite your lips.

 Available @ Amazon

#12. Bacon Popping Candy

Mmm bacon! Many people love the smell and taste of bacon, so why not try this childhood classic fun sweet treat of popping candy that tastes like bacon! That's right bacon popping candy; it'll blow or pop your mind! So why not try this fun treat that is uniquely flavoured to bacon rather than some artificial fruit.

 Available @ Prezzy Box

#13. Bacon Lollipops

Bacon Lollipops

This Bacon Lovers Lollipop Gift Set has maple, honey and barbeque flavored savory-sweet lollipops! The sensation you will get from this candy can't be found anywhere else! First you will taste the delicious flavor of candy and as you eat it, you'll be rewarded with little bits of bacon! Who could ask for a more delicious meat candy?

Available @ The Perpetual Kid

#14. John Wayne Bacon Hot Chocolate

John Wayne Bacon Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats bacon and hot chocolate on a cold morning before you saddle up for your daily adventures. This cocoa mix combines sweet chocolate, savory bacon and iconic John Wayne for a fun, unique real man's hot drink that's sure to bring smiles. Just pour some of the mix into the mug and add hot water.

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15. Bacon Floss

Dentists recommend flossing and we recommend bacon! Now you can improve your dental hygiene while enjoying the amazing flavor of crispy fried bacon. Is there anything bacon can't improve?

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16. If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Bacon Socks

If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Bacon Socks

Sometimes you just need to fly your bacon flag proudly and these socks allow you to do just that. The only way these socks could be better is if they also *smelled* like bacon, but you can rub some pork products on them before putting them on in the morning to get that effect when you need it.

 Available @ Amazon

17. Bacon Candle

Bacon Candle

Oh, hello bacon! Welcome to my living room and my bedroom and my bathroom and my hallway! I'm so glad you could escape the confinement of the kitchen and delight the rest of my house with your savory, gratifying smell! This Bacon Candle will increase your endorphins and improve your life, it's a FACT!

 Available @ The Perpetual Kid

18. Bacon Scratch & Sniff Bacon Cookbook

This is a bacon cookbook with a super-fun twist—scratch the cover for a deliciously bacon-y smell! It’s an indisputable fact that bacon is the world’s greatest food. It goes with everything—from savory to sweet—and it’s just as comfortable being the star of the show as it is playing a supporting role.

 Available @ Prezzy Box

19. The bacon Bible

The Bacon Bible proves that bacon is a necessity. Visionary chef and owner of New York's BarBacon Peter Sherman teaches you the basics, like how to cure simple bacon from scratch, then shows you how to apply this technique to nearly everything: turkey, beef, lamb, and even tuna. The book includes recipes for the classic, like BLT, wedge salads, and mac and cheese, but it really encourages you to use bacon in unexpected ways.

 Available @ Barnes & Noble

20. Bacon Mints

Each one of these mints tastes like a delicious slice of crispy bacon with just a hint of mint flavor to give it that extra punch! It may sound weird but once you taste it, you’ll see that mint and bacon are a match made in (hog) heaven.

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21. Bacon Bandages

Keep the good times and hot dogs rolling while you cook up to 24-hot dogs at a time with this Coca-Cola Diner-Style Steamer. This diner-style hot dog steamer cooks can also steam breakfast sausages, bratwursts, vegetables, fish, dumplings and more! Also has a bun warmer that holds up to 12 buns at a time, keeping them warm and ready to enjoy.

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22. Pigs N' Taters Chocolate Bar 

Create endless craft cocktails in the comfort of home — no need to measure or pour. Just insert a cocktail capsule into your Bartesian machine, select your preferred strength and press mix. The system draws the spirit from the appropriate reservoir and mixes your cocktail in seconds.

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