40 Gifts For Dad that Are Not Boring

Looking for comse cool gifts for dad that are not boring? Well you have come to the right place. We put together this awesome list of 40 gifts for dad and we promise no boring ties or books included!

#1. M16 Gun Whiskey Decanter Set

M16 Gun Whiskey Decanter Set - The Caveman's Guide

This elegant decanter set will take your dad's home bar to the next level. It will be the beginning of many conversations as his guests gravitate towards the decanter in awe of its beauty and novelty. As if the M16 gun was not bold enough, it comes with beautiful bullet glasses. An exquisite decoration piece that will bring your dad's bar to life.

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#2. The Electric Mighty Carving Knife

The Electric Mighty Carving Knife - The Caveman's Guide

The Mighty Carving Knife is an electric knife that’s sure to add a little action to your dad's kitchen! It uses 110 volts of power to effortlessly carve meats, pineapples, watermelons, and a variety of other foods. Features stainless steel blades, simple blade release safety button, and a bar release for easy cleaning.

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#3. Portable Stainless Steel Barbeque

Portable Stainless Steel Barbeque - The Caveman's Guide

The Gentlemen's Hardware Portable Grill is perfect for dad's that love spontaneous camping trips with the family. With its versatile suitcase-style barbecue pit with removable coal tray and carry handle this grill is super portable. Bon appétit!

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#4. The World’s Toughest Coffee Maker

The World’s Toughest Coffee Maker - The Caveman's Guide

The world’s first ruggedize single-serve coffee maker, the COFFEEBOXX, was built to provide provide people who work hard and play even harder a great tasting up of coffee. With it’s crush-proof chassis capable of withstanding a 1500lb load and IP54 rating, the COFFEEBOXX is ready to tak on any jobsite or weekend adventure.

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#5. The Drink Valet

The Drink Valet - The Caveman's Guide

The Drink Valet is an electrical insert for your existing car cup holder - powered by the cigarette lighter - that can heat up or cool down your drink in just minutes. It can lower the temperature of a liquid to 21.2°F or raise it to 140°F in less than ten minutes, meaning your can keep your soda cold or your coffee hot, no matter how long your road trip, or just turn hot tea into ice tea on your way to work.

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#6. Levitating UFO Speaker Lamp

Levitating UFO Speaker Lamp - The Caveman's Guide

If you dad is constantly talking about the existence of aliens then this just might be his favorite gift ever. This super gravity UFO speaker floats over 2 inches from the base and will spin indefinitely once started. It can be used as a speaker or a desk lamp.

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#7. Hyperice Percussion Massager

Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massager - The Caveman's Guide

The Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massager is a cordless state-of-the-art vibration massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility. Built to reinvent the massage experience, giving everyone the ability to move better. Featuring a lightweight durable ergonomic design, your dad can take the comfort of relaxation on-the-go.

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#8. Viking Drinking Horn

Viking Drinking Horn - The Caveman's Guide

Your dad will drink alcohol like ancient royalty with the Viking Drinking Horn & Leather Holster, and when he needs a place to rest that flagon of grog, this impressive horn’s custom stand holds everything in place. Take the visual impact even further with a stand wrapped in leather or fur. Glazed with a safe, waterproof coating, both make for a striking statement as well as fully functional drinking vessels.

 Available @ Touch Of Modern

#9. Darth Vader Socks With Cape

Forget slippers, have your dad walk around his man cave in these Darth Vader Socks. If he likes his socks on the dark side, he will definitely appreciate this pair of black Darth Vader socks! Complete with cape, these sci-fi wonders are a real statement!

 Available @ Truffle Shuffle

#10. Wearable Hands Free Hydration Sleeve

Your dad can forget about carrying bottles or bulk packs with the Wetsleeve! He will Effortlessly hydrate on the go with the world's most innovative hands-free hydration system. With Wetsleeve, you can wear your hydration right on your arm and have immediate access to 12oz (350ml) of hydration without ever disrupting your athletic rhythm or even breaking stride.

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#11. Retro Mobile Phone Handset

This is the perfect gift for anyone's dad who's always complaining and talking about the "good ol' days". He can make phone calls feel classic again on his mobile, tablet or computer with this retro mobile phone handset. By using it he not only feels like he's been transported back to a more tranquil time. Features a one touch button for convenient pick-up/hang-up directly from the handset.

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#12. Darth Baker Apron

May the Forks be with you as Darth Baker(your dad) prepares your next meal. Ideal for Star Wars fans who love cooking, BBQs or baking this Darth Baker Apron comes in a universal size with an adjustable neck.

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#13. Spam Call Blocker

Spam Call Blocker - The Caveman's Guide

Bring back peacefulness to your dad's home by eliminating unwanted robocalls with the Spam Call Blocker. The Spam Call Blocker conveniently connects to an existing home phone and blocks up to 1,500 scammer calls permanently with the touch of a button. It also comes pre-programmed with 5,000 well-known scam and telemarketer numbers.

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#14. Fingerprint Smart Lock

Finger Print Smart Lock - The Caveman's Guide

Give your dad a reason to stop complaining about people going in and out of his man cave when he os not there. The Ultraloq UL1 is a revolutionary smart lock that offers entry via biometric fingerprint identification, contactless key fob, or via a Bluetooth enabled smartphone. The new Bridge upgrade even allows your dad to share an eKey with guests while he's away from his home and monitor all activity via the iOS or Android app. Built for both exterior and interior doors.

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15. Personal Purifying Fan

Improve your dad's home environment with the cooling and purifying power of this Dyson Personal Purifying fan.Dyson aerodynamics engineers discovered that when jets of air meet on a convex surface, they converge to create a high-pressure core. By harnessing this phenomenon, they developed a way to project a precise stream of air right to your beautiful face.

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16. Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves - The Caveman's Guide

These are not your dad’s basic oven mitts. Charcoal grills and fires get hot so protect your dads hands and forearms from burns with these Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves. These gloves are made with ultra-high strength dean aramid fiber for excellent thermal protection, strength, and durability. With these gloves your dad can pull a hot pan out of the oven, pull meat right off a grill, or even turn logs in an active campfire without getting burned as these have heat resistant up to 1472℉ (800℃).

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17. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set

Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set - The Caveman's Guide

A knife for every job in the galaxy!Every dish requires chopping and cutting to some degree. Whether your dad is an amateur cook or a professional chef take he will take those cooking skills to the next level with these Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set.Not only are these knives unique and eye popping, they cut very well! The blades are made from high quality durable stainless steel honed to razor sharpness for cutting ease.

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18. Wearable Neck Speaker

Your dad will take the next step in speaker evolution with the Audiowave Wearable Neck Speaker. As the name suggests, this comfortable wrap around speaker sits lightly on the shoulders and under the ears providing a quality sound output that’s completely immersive.This is the ideal bit of kit for music fans who like to listen whilst occupied with other activities or hobbies as there are no fiddly wires to get in the way of your hands and it’s a great way to work at a laptop or desk.

 Available @ Prezzy Box

19. Godzilla Blue Breath Humidifier

Any dad that is a fan of the classic movie Godzilla will appreciate this humidifier. This Godzilla will breathe humidifying mist out of its mouth just like how the iconic kaiju can blast out blue atomic breath on its enemies.Even the color of the mist is similar to Godzilla's deadly breath. Includes sound and music from the movie and blue LED Lights.

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20. The Man Cave Crown

It feels good to be king, but every king needs a crown. Here we have a crown fit for a king like your dad that he can always wear in his man cave kingdom. Made from fine porcelain, this crown will make a bold statement for his man cave. Comes in a beautiful gift box

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21. Shoe Odor Killing Dryer

Splish splash your dad's footwear has taken a bath. Doesn't he hate wet footwear? And what’s worst is the after smell. Have no fear the footwear dryer is here. Your dad can say goodbye to soggy shoes and hello to his own dryer with a timer setting. Oh we’ve almost forgot. He can dry his gloves while taking his wets shoes off.

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22. Massage Seat Cushion

The Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion rubs away stress with rolling and kneading massage action, plus optional heat and vibration. Simply place it on a chair or sofa and use the remote to select a pre-set massage mode targeting the upper back, lower back or full back. Features vibrating seat cushion and three massage modes.

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23. The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

The Executive Knight Pen Holder is a bowing knight, hands raised to hold your dad's most powerful weapon: his pen. This pen Holder will make sure your dad's pen is always at the ready for whatever words need to flow from it. The Executive Knight comes with a pen, but he's just as happy to hold any other things, like letter opener, spork, razor, toothbrush etc.

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24. Sofa Armrest Clip-On Table

Make your dad's life easier with this clip-on sofa armrest tray. Replace the huge console side table, and create an instant and stable end table in a second. Helps your dad access the remote control, coffee, snacks and phones easily. No stress, no tools, no assembly required, install and uninstall in a second by just clipping it on and off.

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25. Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter

Whatever team your dad roots for, this is the perfect Whiskey decanter for him. This is a limited Edition Large Baseball Decanter Bat and 4 Baseball Whiskey Glasses. The bat and glasses have many intricate parts and is exceptionally unique in design. Give it as the perfect gift. It will forever be displayed and you'll be remembered.

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26. Mount Rubsmore Barbecue Seasonings

"Mount Rubsmore" is where Freedom and Flavor intersect - the perfect gift for the All-American grilling guy. As playful as it is delicious, this set of seasonings honors our homeland's greatest heroes with four custom flavors: George Srirachington, a zesty spice for the new free world; Thomas Jeffersalmon, a tasteful blend for sea-foodies; Aburgerham Lincoln, a seasoning dedicated to the proposition that all burgers should be tasty; and Theodore Roastevelt, the Rub Rider.

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