Awesome Shower Curtains For Men

Add some character to an otherwise boring bathroom with one of these funny shower curtains for men. These curtains are perfect for any man that needs to add a little humor or style to his bathroom.


#1. A Shower Curtain For Tough Guys

If you are the type to punch a bear in the face then this is the shower curtain for you! These curtains are printed on super-soft 100% waterproof polyester and are mildew resistant.

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#2. A Bear Surfing A Shark

In this awesome scene a grizzly bear surfs a shark while mowing down his enemies with a tommy gun. If this isn't bad ass then we don't know what is.

Available at Bonanza 

#3. A Unicorn And A Cat

We know what you're thinking. "Unicorns aren't tough". But you throw a deadly ninja cat with a gold hand gun on top and this shower curtain just became badass. This shower curtain is easy to clean! Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and hang it to dry. Made from polyester. 

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#4. Ninja Diet Curtain



You can eat whatever you want in your man cave when you are on the ninja diet. This low carb shower curtain will definitely bring a touch of humor to a boring bathroom.

Available at Society6 

#5. Bear Strikes Back Curtain

What you thought you could punch a bear in the face and nothing would happen? In this image the bear makes a comeback and lands his own haymaker. Artwork courtesy of Seth Hicks.

Available at SharpShirter 

#6. The Flash Sloth Curtain

Resembling how you feel when you wake up from a long night of gaming in your man cave. But no worries just take a shower, get some coffee and get back in there! These bathroom curtains feature crisp and colorful prints on the front, with a white reverse side.

Available at Society6 

#7. Scuba Diver Vs Shark Curtain

Remember that time when you were scuba diving and a shark tried to eat you but you hit him with an uppercut? Well now you can remember that epic moment every time you shower! Measures 72 inches wide by 72 inches to fit standard size tub/shower areas.

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#8. Use The Force Shower Curtain

Please don't use the force for bad but use it for good like emptying your bowels and making room for dinner. This scene features a constipated Darth Vader on a death star toilet.

Available at Society6 

#9. Grizzly Teddy Bear Shower Curtain

Are you a teddy bear on the outside but a grizzly on the inside? If so, this is the curtain for you. It features a grizzly bear unzipping his teddy bear costume to reveal his true self. Made of high quality polyester and resistant to mold, bacteria and mildew.

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#10. Lumberjack and Grizzly Make Peace Curtain

It takes a real man to make peace with his enemies. After a long day of brawling the lumberjack and grizzly finally make peace and pop some cold beers. These shower curtains are printed on a super-soft 100% waterproof polyester. Measures 72 inches wide by 72 inches to fit standard size tub/shower areas.

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