COD Perk-A-Colas Light

COD Perk-A-Colas Light

These colourful bottles light up at the touch of a button and features 3 light modes. Solid keeps the lights on all the time, phase has them fade in and out, and sound-reactive means they respond to sound quicker than a grumpy next-door neighbour the second you move beyond whispering.

While your zombie-slaying efforts are powered by perks, this Perk Light is powered by either USB (cable included) or 3 AAA batteries, letting this light move as easily as you do on Speed Cola!

This Epic Six Pack Light makes any room the place to (zom)be. So, if you know a COD fan that wants to mutate their environment (or if you are one), order this COD Perk-A-Cola Six Pack Light now!

Available @ MenKind

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